Supplementary IT Services

Standalone services to fill gaps within your IT department and free up resources they can put to better use

Is your IT team overwhelmed? Need specialised knowledge or expertise for a project?

Because of the sheer volume of technology required to stay competitive in modern markets, many organisations that can afford to hire an in-house IT department soon find their employees swamped with work. With so many systems to keep optimised, security threats to address and technology issues to fix, IT employees can easily get trapped under a mountain of day-to-day tasks. To avoid this outcome and prevent IT stagnation, NMX offers Supplementary IT Services.

Unlike our Managed IT Services that handle all of your technology, Supplemental IT Services are a collection of piecemeal services. Each service addresses specific components of your IT systems, providing support to your IT department wherever they need it as well as specialized knowledge and expertise they don’t possess. Once they are freed from tedious maintenance tasks and have more resources to apply towards development, your IT employees will be less stressed and better equipped to improve your growth and productivity through technology.

NMX IT’s Supplementary IT Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Strategic Planning and Procurement
Our consultants will advise your team on which direction your IT should take to best meet your long-term goals, and assist with acquiring the needed technology efficiently and cost-effectively
On-Demand Engineering and Maintenance
Our engineers will be there when you need them to help keep your systems running smoothly, preventing issues from piling up and easing the pressure on your team
Cloud and Cybersecurity Services
These advanced solutions often require specialised expertise to ensure maximum ROI. Our experienced team can handle that for you and ease the burdens off your IT department
IT Projects
NMX’s seasoned team of IT consultants will not only help plan and execute your technology improvement projects, but also teach your employees as we go so they can maintain the solutions when we are finished

For less than the cost of hiring a single additional employee, you can give your in-house IT department the capabilities of a full team of technicians and consultants