Not-for-Profit Sector IT Solutions

IT services and solutions that improve donor experiences and outreach without heavy costs or hardware investment

What can NMX IT do for your not-for-profit organisation?

A single data breach can be a death sentence for your organisation and all of the hard work that it has done. Your donor, client, and financial information as well as your confidential emails and passwords are all valuable commodities on the dark web. Cybercriminals know that organisations like yours often must work with limited resources when it comes to IT and cybersecurity, making you one of their preferred targets.

NMX IT Solutions provides multiple layers of cybersecurity countermeasures to protect your organisation while keeping costs low, but that’s not all. Our Managed IT Services will enable you to get more out of limited IT resources without heavy investment, and we can implement new technology to acquire new donors and improve interactions with existing ones. Better still, you only pay a predictable monthly fee that’s well-suited for tight budgets.

With simple and effective IT solutions from NMX, you’ll enjoy: