VoIP Phone Systems

By evolving your communications, you can improve and enhance nearly every aspect of your organisation

Still using old-style phones in the cloud age?

With all of the advancements in internet-based communications, traditional landlines just don’t cut it. NMX IT’s team includes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) specialists with years of experience designing, deploying, and maintaining digital communications solutions for organisations in a variety of sectors. We can make your communications more integrated and feature rich while saving money compared to the phone company.

Our VoIP phone systems break down your communication barriers and give your workforce the freedom to communicate how they want, on the device they want, wherever they are. Your staff will be more agile and productive, but the benefits don’t stop there. VoIP phone systems have capabilities and optional features that analog phones can’t match. Our specialists can integrate your communications with various software programs for increased functionality, such as CRM software to improve customer experiences when they contact you.

VoIP phone systems from NMX IT give you:

Unprecedented Agility
Take calls on any internet-ready device, and communicate seamlessly across multiple channels and methods
Valuable, Time-Saving Integrations
Auto-record and archive calls, configure CRM software to display client info as soon as they call, convert voicemail to email automatically, and much more
Lower Costs
Our VoIP solutions give you more for less than the phone company charges, and there are no hardware purchases required

With our experience and product knowledge, NMX IT can help you discover, implement, and maintain the best VoIP phone system for your organisation so you can upgrade your communications without the hassles