Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud backups, fast recovery tools, and other contingencies to prepare your organisation for any disaster

What happens when an unforeseen catastrophe halts your operations?

From natural disasters such as floods and fire, to critical hardware failure or cyberattacks, the list of incidents that can force a halt to your operations is endless. These disasters have the potential to wipe your financial records, client information, and other vital data, as well as prevent you from serving your clients. You can’t stop every conceivable disaster from befalling your business, but you can enact a contingency plan that preserves your data and ability to operate, minimising the revenue and reputation loss caused by prolonged outages.

NMX IT’s backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure no unforeseen event can halt your operations for long. Our experienced team will implement unobtrusive, automated data backup systems that frequently replicate your entire IT infrastructure in “‘point in time snapshots’. These are uploaded to highly secure storage facilities in geo-redundant data centres. When a catastrophe inevitably occurs and you need your IT restored, our recovery tools will restore your snapshot, restoring your systems to exactly the way they were before the incident in a matter of hours or sooner.

NMX IT’s backup and disaster recovery solutions give you:

Easy-to-Use Data Backups
Fast backup solutions regularly copy all of your data without using excess computing resources, so you won’t notice them until you need them.
Ironclad Security
Your apps and data are stored securely in fortified data centres, where they are regularly tested for integrity and protected by multiple layers of physical and digital security.
Swift Recovery Tools

Recovering data after a disaster could take weeks (if it is even possible), but with our solutions, you’ll be back to full operations in minutes.

Every year, thousands of organisations that lose their data or are prevented from operating fold under the pressure. Partner with NMX IT for backup and disaster recovery solutions and avoid becoming a statistic.