Advanced Cybersecurity

Cutting-edge protection against the cyberattacks of today and the threats of the future

Think your organisation isn’t at risk of a cyberattack? Think again.

It’s easy for small businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organisations to assume that they are below the notice of cybercriminals, but this is far from the truth. These organisations lack the resources and specialised skills to defend themselves from cyberattacks, making them prime targets. But just as new technology has created more online threats, so too does it enable smaller organisations to enjoy enterprise-grade cybersecurity at a price anyone can afford. 

NMX IT’s advanced cybersecurity solutions protect your systems and data from every angle. Our expert team will assess your current cybersecurity posture, then implement simple solutions to address vulnerabilities and shore up your email encryption, content filtering, firewalls and access control, intrusion detection, and much more. We’ll also monitor your infrastructure 24/7/365 to detect and prevent breaches, all for a flat monthly fee. By partnering with NMX IT to defend your technology infrastructure, you safeguard your data, customers, students, reputation, and profits. 

With our advanced cybersecurity solutions, your organisation will be protected from all existing and emerging threats, including:

Phishing, Credential Theft, Fileless Malware
Next-gen email filtering and encryption stop cybercriminals from infiltrating your systems, tricking your employees into helping them, or stealing critical data
Zero-Day Exploits, Intrusion Attempts
24/7 monitoring by our experts keeps watch over your systems and ensures security software is up to date to prevent exploitation
Ransomware, Trojans, Worms, and More
Advanced anti-malware software, access control, secure data backups, and many more layers of security ensure your data stays safe

Because of the truly devastating effects of even a minor cyberattack, NMX IT’s advanced cybersecurity solutions end up paying for themselves many times over.