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5 Key Benefits of Intune for Education

microsoft intune for education

The Microsoft Intune for Education device and app management service is ideal for both institutions and education staff. Intune helps schools configure, deploy and secure all mobile devices running Windows or iOS software, as well as Android devices. Here are five key benefits:

Quickly set up devices for students and teachers

Intune for Education makes it easy to set up devices for students and teachers. You can use Intune for Education with Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and iOS devices as well as Android devices. With Intune for Education you can also manage Windows Mixed Reality devices.

Keep school data safe in the cloud

You’ll always be able to keep your school data safe in the cloud, thanks to Intune for Education’s comprehensive security features.

  • Data is encrypted in transit, at rest, and between Azure and the device. That means that no one can access it without you knowing about it—not even us!
  • You can manage how your data is stored in Azure with fine granularity. You can configure things like encryption keys or how users authenticate themselves when accessing their information from outside of school networks (e.g., if they’re using their own devices).

Easily distribute and manage apps

You can use the App Catalog to manage apps that are available in your device’s app store. You can also create a custom app catalog for your school, and then manage both the user-installed apps and the apps in Microsoft Store for Business.

Increase teaching and learning time with less device downtime

One of the main benefits of Intune is that it can help you increase your teaching and learning time with less device downtime. Because students can use their devices for longer, they’ll spend less time troubleshooting and more time on learning—and that’s a win for everyone in the classroom.

Another benefit is that you’ll have a better handle on what’s happening with your student devices at all times. With Intune, you get an overview of which apps are installed on each device (and when), so if there are any problems or issues, they’re easy to spot and address before they become too big to ignore. Plus, centralized management makes it easy to deploy updates—so if something goes wrong with an app update or OS update, it won’t affect every single user; just one person can fix the issue instead of having every single one stop working until another update comes along!

Give students access to a familiar environment on any device, anywhere

Students and teachers need a consistent way to access their digital content, and you need to be able connect devices so that your students can get the best education. With Intune for Education, you can create a safe and restricted environment with ease, giving students access to the same apps they’ve come to love while keeping your school’s sensitive data protected.

You can also use Intune for Education as your single-sign-on tool so that users don’t have to remember multiple passwords (this is especially helpful with younger students). This feature also allows teachers who are teaching online courses or working remotely from home with students who may attend different schools or have varying levels of technological experience an easy way in which everyone stays connected—leaving less room for confusion and frustration during lessons.

Intune for education takes the stress out of managing devices and apps so you can focus on teaching.

Intune for education takes the stress out of managing devices and apps so you can focus on teaching. Intune for education is a cloud-based service that helps schools and districts manage students’ devices, apps, and data.

With Intune for education:

  • You can simplify the management of your student’s devices while gaining insights into usage patterns to improve productivity.
  • You can set policies based on class or grade level, as well as create custom groups that include specific students or groups when creating policies.* You can set up web filtering policies to block access to websites from within managed computers at school or at home.*


Intune for education is a powerful tool that can help make your school more productive. With Intune, you can ensure that all your devices are secure and up-to-date with the latest Microsoft products, so students and staff have more time to focus on learning. If you’re ready to get started with Intune for education, contact us today to schedule your Microsoft 365 consultation! Call 01628 232300 or reach out online.